English Essay About Myself

At some point in my academic journey I was required to write an English essay about myself. Writing an English essay about myself was one of the most exiting kind of writing that I have ever done. It is easy to write an English essay about myself because this is a subject I understand very well.

I do not need to carry out a lot of secondary research to be able to write an English essay about myself. It is easier to write an English essay about myself than writing about anything else. When writing an English essay about myself I always keep in mind the purpose of writing that essay so that I do not lose my focus.

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So when will you be required to write an essay about yourself?

Descriptive essay?

Most essays that you write about yourself are normally descriptive. You may be required to write about how you handled a certain situation.

You will describe the context clearly so that the reader will eventually why your reaction to the whole situation was significant. For example, you can be given an essay prompt describing a certain crisis that happened at your college. You can then be required to imagine yourself as a leader in that situation and describe how you would handle the situation.

College paper?

You may be writing a college essay. In this case you will be writing about yourself in order to impress the admission panel. It is sort of a self marketing strategy. You will want to show the reader that you are indeed the most suitable person for that chance to be enrolled into the program of your choice.

However, in such a scenario you do not want to sound superficial.

There is no single human being who does not have a flaw. So as much as you talk about your strengths and great achievements, also mention a few weaknesses. It will make you seem sincere and realistic to the admission panel.